A Home for Nature

 Nature NL wants to see the special lands of the Island of Newfoundland conserved, so that we can enjoy them forever. A planned system of reserves, protected by legislation is the best way to ensure natural habitats, systems, and resources are maintained for future generations. The new Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland is a chance to implement a strategy for designating protected areas, and use land use planning to conserve places that are important to us. We understand that this plan is not perfect, and there are many valid concerns. These concerns can be shared during the public consultation process, and they will be used to help refine the plan and make it better. Site-by-site consultations will then take into account local opinions, land use activities, and challenges, so that reserves will be designed and moved forward with local considerations in mind.

Catch up with some of the most recent media coverage, and take a look at the plan on the engagenl.ca consultation site. We encourage you to submit your comments on the plan and consider how nature can be conserved for future generations here on the island.

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