Tuck-Walters Award

This award is named in memory of Dr. Leslie M. Tuck and Captain Harry Walters. Dr. Les Tuck was Newfoundland’s first Dominion Wildlife Officer, and Harry Walters was the Director of the Newfoundland Rangers Force. Following Confederation with Canada, Dr. Tuck headed the Canadian Wildlife Service in the province – a position he held for more than twenty-five years. In the latter part of his long and distinguished career, Dr. Tuck held the L. J. Paton Research Professorship in the Psychology Department of Memorial University. He was instrumental in the reactivation of the Natural History Society (now Nature NL) in the 1950’s. Captain Harry Walters served for many years as the Head of the Newfoundland Wildlife Division, which he was instrumental in establishing.


Both Walters, working provincially, and Tuck, working federally, were instrumental in establishing our province’s first seabird reserves (Funk Island, Cape St. Mary’s, Witless Bay, and Hare Bay) and the former Avalon Wilderness Area. Their combined efforts put natural history awareness, protection and appreciation on a solid footing in Newfoundland and Labrador. Although they were employed in resource conservation and management careers, their enthusiasm and dedication transcended their duties, and it is for these qualities that Nature NL has chosen to honour their memory with this award.


The Tuck-Walters Award is discretionary – it does not have to be given out every year. On the other hand, it may be given to more than one recipient if the Nominating Committee feels this is appropriate. The winners have made outstanding and enduring contributions to the advancement of natural history appreciation and protection in Newfoundland and Labrador, outside of their employment responsibilities.


Tuck-Walters Award Winners:


Clyde Tuck (1984)
George Chafe (1984)
Bill Davis (1986)
Dr. John Gibson (1986)
Dr. Harold Peters (1987)
Dr. Roger Tory Peterson (1987)
Michael Nolan
Bernard Jackson
George Brinson (1989)

Dr. Leslie Harris and Barry May (1991)
Stephen Herder (1992)
Gregory Mitchell
Charlie Horwood
Tony Power (1999)
Dr. Henry Mann (2000)
Dr. Don Barton (2001)
Dr. Don Steele (2001)
Joe Brazil
Laura Jackson (2006)
Dr. Jon Lien (2007)
Lois Bateman (2007)
Dr. Allan Stein (2010)
Dr. William A. Montevecchi (2011)
Dr. Rita E. Anderson (2015)
Dr. Andrus Voitk (2015)

Julie Huntington and Wayne Ledwell of Tangly Whales (Whale Release and Strandings Group) (2018)


For more information or to make a nomination for the Tuck/Walters Award, contact:


William Montevecchi, Chair
Tuck-Walters Awards Committee



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