Wild Things Scholarship Application | 2019

Before you apply:

There is no 'save' option for this form. We recommend that you draft your responses in a template document, then copy into this page when finalized. Please review all of the required questions before applying.

Your Referees:

Once you submit the application, an e-mail will automatically be sent to your referees notifying them of your application. We recommend that you contact your referees personally before submitting the form so that you know that they are willing to serve as your referees. Also, please tell them to check their junk folder if they do not receive your application.


More Information:

Please e-mail wild.things@naturenl.ca with any questions.





Tell us about your education (past and current)

High School (Name of Institution - Degree - Year or Expected Year)

Post-Secondary (Name of Institution - Degree - Year or Expected Year)

Briefly describe your proposed program of study for 2019-2020 academic year, and your future career goals.

What volunteer work have you performed on behalf of nature in Newfoundland and Labrador? Be sure to explain how this work has contributed to environmental conservation or enhancement in our province.

Optional: Attach an additional file to document your volunteer activities or otherwise support your application.

Provide names and phone numbers and email addresses of two referees
Referee 1




Referee 2




Please include a brief note about your future goals, current volunteer work, or other activities that your referees may like to comment on.

Application due March 25, 2019



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