Upcoming events at The Rooms

Upcoming Events at The Rooms of interest to Nature NL members!

Family Fun (admission required)

February 2nd


Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down

Come visit a bog in the middle of winter! See our make-believe bog in the new Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down exhibit. Have oodles of fun playing games and making your own carnivorous plants. Try some โ€œbog waterโ€ refreshments and join us in the theatre at 2pm for a Rattling-Bog sing-along! Plus, see the inside of a pitcher plant with a microscope and watch films that show carnivorous plants trapping insects close up.

Engaging Evenings (free admission)

February 5th

Carnivorous Plants

The pitcher plant isnโ€™t the only carnivorous plant that grows wild in Newfoundland. Thereโ€™s also the butterwort, sundew and bladderwort! Join Dr. Henry Mann, Associate Professor in the Environmental Science Unit of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, as he illuminates the world of meat-eating plants right below our feet. Afterwards, visit our kid-friendly exhibit Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down on the museum, level 2.

Coffee and Culture (admission required)

February 6th

Pretty as a Pitcher

To celebrate the opening of our new exhibit Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down, join us for a special presentation of the Land and Sea episode Pretty as a Pitcher. Afterwards, Dr. Henry

Mann will bring us for an in-depth look at the botanical collection on display in the exhibit on level 2.