We encourage all of those who attend and enjoy our events to purchase a membership to support our activities.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Supporting our work to help people enjoy and protect nature
  • Supporting our nature conservation work
  • Email invitations to all our events (in our members-only newsletter)
  • Members-only events (walks, hikes, weekends)
  • Members-only contests
  • Members-only free giveaways & extras

You can also become a member using PayPal, credit card, or e-transfer, or sign up in person with this membership form at any of our events and pay in cash or cheque.

(If paying by e-transfer for membership, please also send an email to treasurer {AT} naturenl.ca with the same information that’s on the membership form (Name, email address you’d like to receive our communications, address, and any changes if it’s a renewal), so that we have your info and can process your membership correctly). We have autodeposit turned on so you will not need to set a password.

Once you have your membership, we’ll add you to our members list (using the email address you provide) so you’ll receive all our events, members-only events, and member exclusives.


If you are a current member, click here to connect to your account and manage your subscription

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