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This spring, everyone's eager to get outside - and vacation. But given physical distancing, and our need for fresh air, hiking has never looked better as an option for a spring or summer adventure. Tune in to Labrador Morning on Wednesday, May 13th to hear some tips for longer distance and multi-day hikes with journalist Malone Mullin and Nature NL President Laura King. And of course, a few thoughts on how to make longer hikes interesting and fun - with nature, birdwatching, photography, and berry picking, of course. The Nature NL way!


Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day!

This weekend Nature NL celebrated World Migratory Bird Day with an online event of photo sharing, recommendations for birdwatching from home and an educational quiz about local migratory birds. Thank you to everyone who joined us! In case you missed it, you can find a summary of our birding from home tips below and a link to a petition through our affiliate Nature Canada to protect Canada’s migratory birds. Also, if you want to hear more about Newfoundland and Labrador’s migratory birds and World Migratory Bird Day, you can listen to an interview with Nature NL board member, Beverly McClenaghan, on VOCM’s The Outdoor Hour. Backyard Birding Looking for birds in your yard and out your windows is an easy way to do some birdwatching from home. It’s always surprising how much you can see so close to home when you spend the time looking. As we are all spending…


Nature NL public talk: Decarbonized or destitute? with Brett Favaro

Thanks everyone for joining us last night for an engaging talk and discussion about how climate change is set to affect our world and the nature we love. Lots of excellent ideas and resources were shared so we have made them available here for reference along with Brett's slides. Decarbonized or Destitute? April 23rd 2020 - Slides Download Brett's writing: The article from The Independent, The Carbon Code Local initiatives: Decarbonize NL @DecarbonizeNL, Climate strike Some hashtags of interest: #ImagineThePotential and #MyOffshoreMyFuture Reducing bat mortality when situating wind turbines - Erin Baerwald Embedded carbon in buildings The warming stripes graphics: @alxrdk Andrew Thaler @DrAndrewThaler Mark Jaccard Alex Steffen Talking to politicians (not specific to environmental issues, but a helpful guide)


Nature NL’s AGM and photo night

We're looking forward to our online AGM and photo night this coming Thursday March 19th, 7:30 to 9pm! We're featuring some great local photographers and naturalists, including Jared Clarke, Lancy Cheng, Ritche Perez, Felicity Roberts, Gene Herzberg, and Sara Jenkins. If you're interested, you can find some other files related to our AGM here as well, in preparation for the evening. The new by-laws we will be proposing at this AGM: 2020-03 Nature NL By-law revisionsDownload Older (2005) by-laws 2005 NHS by-lawsDownload Last year's AGM (March 2019, covering the year 2018) 2019-03_Nature NL_AGM_2018_reconstitutedDownload Post-AGM Update: Here is the file from the March 2020 AGM, covering the year 2019: 2020-03-Nature-NL-AGM-PresentationDownload

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Nature NL’s AGM and photo night
King penguin, Falkland

Due South!

By Lancy Cheng These tales from the South have been shared by naturalist Lancy Cheng who leads events with Nature NL including our Gull workshop. Or you may have seen him when birding around town, especially at Quidi Vidi Lake where he would be identifying gulls during all seasons, especially winter! We hope you will enjoy his reflections on these recent adventures. “I am an Arctic tern. In winter, I migrate the longest distance of all birds to Antarctica.” (photo: M. Boucher) This was the dream I had before landing in Punta Arenas, Chile. I was not a lone bird but with a team of Hurtigruten expedition staff. We continued our journey onboard MS Roald Amundsen on December 14th, 2019, the same day that Roald Amundsen reached south pole for the first time in human history, 108 years ago. Coincidence? Fate? Just a view outside my "office" Birds of Antarctica…


Discover Birding Hotspots

Newfoundland and Labrador has some wonderful year-round birding opportunities because of its convenient location in the North Atlantic. The lengthy shoreline and abundant wetland habitats make the Province a perfect stopover for migratory birds and a summertime safe haven for breeding seabirds. Whether you’re a professional birder or an amateur testing out your first pair of binoculars there are good resources to ensure you have an eventful trip. First, there are a number of Provincial / National Parks, Hiking Trail Systems, Wilderness and Ecological Reserves (limited access), and Important Bird Areas, which are great for exploring unique habitats, seeing a variety of wildlife, or viewing large congregations of seasonal bird species. (View more in our Resources section). If you’re looking for a general digest of rare sightings and recent activity by established birders, the nf.birds forum is great. Let eBird help you find more birds If you’re interested in finding…


Due North

These tales from the North have been shared by Lancy Cheng who leads events with Nature NL including the Gull workshop. Or you may have seen him when birding around town especially at Quidi Vidi Lake where he would be identifying gulls during all seasons, especially winter! Hope you enjoy his adventures. Bjørnøya, or Bear Island, is an Important Bird Area (IBA) identified by BirdLife International, which hosts both breeding and migratory sea birds. By Lancy Cheng To escape the unbearable heat of summer, I jumped on a flight and fled to the north. I joined the expedition team of Hurtigruten for MS Roald Amundsen’s first Arctic voyage. It was a great opportunity to appreciate the breathtaking scenery, even for someone like me whose sense of beauty is normally below zero. Plus, there were birds. They are the chicken soup for my soul. Icy Waters Maybe I shouldn’t mention chicken…

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Science Literacy Week 2019

We love being able to celebrate the joys of reading and learning about science and nature during Science Literacy Week!  Last year we published a list of our favourite science reads, and we've updated it this year with even more recommendations for great reads from our board and volunteers. And that's not all!  We also added a few new books to our recommended list of field guides for Newfoundland and Labrador.  Check out that list for your go-to sources of information on NL birds, mammals, marine creatures, insects, plants, flowers, ..... the list goes on and on.  We are fortunate to be part of community of like-minded folks who contribute to field guides like these! Happy Reading everyone!

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