Nature NL recognizes those who that contribute to the conservation of our province’s natural history and demonstrate commitment to our environment. Learn more:

Wild Things Scholarship

The Wild Things Scholarship rewards a NL high school student who has demonstrated a commitment to nature or conservation.

This award is intended to encourage students to continue their education and to help them continue to contribute to enhancing and conserving nature in this province.

Tuck-Walters Lifetime Achievement Award

Our Tuck-Walters award recognizes those who have made outstanding and enduring contributions to the advancement of nature appreciation and protection in Newfoundland and Labrador over many years, outside of their employment responsibilities. This award is discretionary and may be awarded to several individuals each year, or to none, at the request of the Nominating Committee.

Leslie Tuck Avian Ecology Award (MUN)

Established ca. 1998-1999 by some of the friends of The Natural History Society of NL (now Nature NL) in memory of Leslie Tuck, this Memorial University endowed scholarship has long been associated with us. We used to publish the winning essays each year in our publication The Osprey, and now publish them on our blog (2021 winner).

Available to full time graduate students at Memorial University, it is one of the university’s major scholarships, now valued at over $5000 as of 2021.