Bidgoods Park Evening Bird Walk June 15th 2017 Trip Report

by Megan Boucher

The evening started off chilly and slow, however it quickly picked up with bird activity and excitement. We had a wonderful turnout of 35 people for the walk through Bidgoods Park in the Goulds, St. John’s. Over the two hour walk we heard and observed 23 different species, including excellent views from the boardwalk of 3 Wilson’s Snipe flying above the marsh and hearing the booming bass of the bitterns hidden amongst the reeds. Just after leaving the boardwalk to head into the woods, we had a wonderful surprise and spectacular views of three American Bitterns flying through the sky!

Listening and looking for warblers along the trail edge, we heard the Northern Waterthrush and Blackpoll Warblers. As we continued along we managed to see a Wilson’s Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler, and Yellow-rumped Warbler flitting about in the evergreens. The species list is here on ebird.

As the evening grew on, the birds became more vocal creating a chorus of lovely melodies and tunes. As the walk concluded, we ended the evening heading back along the boardwalk with a beautiful sunset while the birds sang on.

Photos by Kaushalya Rathnayake