Go full circle: recycle to support Nature NL!

For extra impact, donate your bottle return $$ to Nature NL!

Nature NL is a member and donation-supported organization, and every little bit helps.  Through Green Depot, we have set up an account to turn those pesky piles of recyclables in your garage into small, but regular, donations to Nature NL.  

To donate, visit any Green Depot location in NL and enter account number 7436339.

The Xpress service makes it even easier—

1) bring your bottles and cans in garbage bags or cardboard boxes;

2) enter account 7436339 at the label printing station;

3) label your bags, drop them, and go!

Easy Peasy. Green Depot does the rest: counts the containers, calculates the buy-back, and processes the donation directly to Nature NL.

Not sure what Green Depot accepts?  Find their list here.

Why do we value recycling efforts so much? 

Recycling is one of the major—and easy—ways that young people can learn to make a difference for the environment. For many, it’s the gateway action to a future in conservation or environmental work.  From starting recycling clubs in high school, to learning more about the environmental cost “throw-away” goods, there are many simple ways to shift our everyday actions for big impact with the reduce, reuse, recycle mindset.