Migratory Birds on the Radio

We're in the full swing of fall bird migration here in Newfoundland! While World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated in May each year, you can learn more about bird migration and Newfoundland and Labrador’s migratory bird species now by listening to this Migratory Bird Day interview with Nature NL board member, Beverly McClenaghan, on VOCM’s The Outdoor Hour. Find the episode from May 10th to learn more about the fantastic migratory birds of our province!


Birdwatching Backpacks in The Telegram

This article in the Telegram highlights our new Birdwatching Backpacks program in partnership with the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries. We are excited to be making birdwatching easier for everyone to try by offering backpack kits available to borrow at the library branches in the St. John's area. The kits, including both kids backpacks and adult backpacks, are packed with all the essentials to try birdwatching for the first time. Read the full article online here.


Nature NL on the Labrador Morning radio show

This spring, everyone's eager to get outside - and vacation. But given physical distancing, and our need for fresh air, hiking has never looked better as an option for a spring or summer adventure. Tune in to Labrador Morning on Wednesday, May 13th to hear some tips for longer distance and multi-day hikes with journalist Malone Mullin and Nature NL President Laura King. And of course, a few thoughts on how to make longer hikes interesting and fun - with nature, birdwatching, photography, and berry picking, of course. The Nature NL way!


Irish Loop Post highlights Nature NL multilingual hikes

This article in the local Irish Loop Post captures the enthusiasm (and uncooperative weather) at Nature NL's first multilingual nature hike in Bidgood's Park. This recent initiative by Nature NL to make our events more accessible to everyone in our communities, is something we are really proud of!


Multilingual hikes recognized in The Telegram

We definitely appreciate the nature pun in the title of the Telegram's front page feature on our efforts to make our events more accessible to non-english speakers! See "Lichen the way you talk" by Barb Sweet, published in The Telegram, June 17, 2019.


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