Nature NL public talk: Decarbonized or destitute? with Brett Favaro

Thanks everyone for joining us last night for an engaging talk and discussion about how climate change is set to affect our world and the nature we love. Lots of excellent ideas and resources were shared so we have made them available here for reference along with Brett's slides. Decarbonized or Destitute? April 23rd 2020 - Slides Download Brett's writing: The article from The Independent, The Carbon Code Local initiatives: Decarbonize NL @DecarbonizeNL, Climate strike Some hashtags of interest: #ImagineThePotential and #MyOffshoreMyFuture Reducing bat mortality when situating wind turbines - Erin Baerwald Embedded carbon in buildings The warming stripes graphics: @alxrdk Andrew Thaler @DrAndrewThaler Mark Jaccard Alex Steffen Talking to politicians (not specific to environmental issues, but a helpful guide)


Nature NL’s AGM and photo night

We're looking forward to our online AGM and photo night this coming Thursday March 19th, 7:30 to 9pm! We're featuring some great local photographers and naturalists, including Jared Clarke, Lancy Cheng, Ritche Perez, Felicity Roberts, Gene Herzberg, and Sara Jenkins. If you're interested, you can find some other files related to our AGM here as well, in preparation for the evening. The new by-laws we will be proposing at this AGM: 2020-03 Nature NL By-law revisionsDownload Older (2005) by-laws 2005 NHS by-lawsDownload Last year's AGM (March 2019, covering the year 2018) 2019-03_Nature NL_AGM_2018_reconstitutedDownload Post-AGM Update: Here is the file from the March 2020 AGM, covering the year 2019: 2020-03-Nature-NL-AGM-PresentationDownload March 2021 AGM, covering the year 2020: 2021-03-Nature-NL-AGM-slidesDownload

Nature NL’s AGM and photo night
King penguin, Falkland

Air, Land, & Sea: Grad Student Research Talks

Continuing the popular tradition of having graduate students from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) share their research with us at Nature Newfoundland and Labrador, we'll hear from three passionate science graduate researchers about their work on creatures of the air, land, and sea. Air: Leanne Guzzwell, M.Sc. candidate, will discuss her research on the breeding patterns and sometimes puzzling behaviours of Northern Gannets of Cape St. Mary's. Land: Quinn Webber, Ph.D. candidate, will tell us about the social behaviour and spatial ecology of the woodland caribou in Newfoundland, with a special focus on the Fogo Island herd. Sea: Justine Ammendolia, recent M.Sc., will explain how (and why) she used million dollar high pressure tanks to successfully create a deep sea environment inside a laboratory. Thursday, February 16th, 2017, at 7:30 pm at the MUN Science Building, Room SN 2067, St. John's NL. Parking available at Lot 15B (by the Music…

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Nature NL t-shirts!

We will be taking orders for our Nature NL t-shirts at our next meeting, Thursday May 19. The cost is $25 per t-shirt and they come in royal blue, 100% cotton, women’s, men’s and unisex versions. Because sizing is on the small size, samples will be available for you to try on. If you would like a t-shirt, but cannot come to the meeting, please contact [email protected] before May 25th.

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May Public Lecture

Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Salmonier River Conservation Project The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working in NL for twenty years. Their securement work  has spanned the Island, though the emphasis has been on Southwest Newfoundland. The Salmonier River Conservation Project represents a new area for NCC in NL. Lanna Campbell, NCC Program Director will discuss how the area is ecologically important for a number of reasons: the forest landscape is largely intact, there is habitat for a diversity of rare lichens, and the river has a healthy population of wild Atlantic salmon. NCC’s consistent path of conducting science, securing land, and leading stewardship and engagement is underway within the Salmonier Conservation Project. NCC hopes to continue working with communities to help conserve this unique part of the province for generations to come. Lanna Campbell is the Program Director for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador. Originally from the mainland, Lanna grew up on a family farm in rural Quebec. She has…

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NatureNL April Public Lecture: Birding with eBird

Please join us for Alvan Buckley‘s presentation on “Birding with eBird” on Thursday April 21, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. in the Science Building, Room SN2067, on the MUN campus. As a keen bird-watcher and "eBirder", Alvan is excited to share his passion about eBird with others. He has been an avid birder for 6 years, and has traveled across the country volunteering with the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Long Point Bird Observatory; he has also worked as a birding guide at the renowned Point Pelee National Park. If not studying medical books, or roaming hospital floors, he can be found biking around town eagerly checking the local hotspots for migrating birds and learning about our flora and fauna. For the past 3 years, Alvan has volunteered as one of the Newfoundland reviewers for eBird and helped promote the program with the local community. eBird is an online checklist program…

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POSTPONED: Annual General Meeting & Members’/Friends’ Slideshow

Due to the impending winter storm tonight, our Nature NL AGM is postponed. Details on when and where will follow. Our Annual General Meeting:  There will be brief reports from the Board on our activities over the past year, as well as nominations and elections to our board. Our Members'/Friends' Slideshow:  Bring a handful (~5-15) of your favorite photos to share with us, preferably as a powerpoint presentation on a flash drive. For further information please contact [email protected] We need your help.  Please consider volunteering some of your time and skills to share the work of our organization. Please contact our membership secretary, Carolyn Walsh ([email protected]) or any member of the Board if you are interested in: Serving as a member of our Board of DirectorsVolunteering to help with indoor and outdoor programming, publicity and communications, fund raising, environmental oversight, and so on.

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February Public Lecture

Join Nature Newfoundland & Labrador for a fun evening called "The Birds And The Bees (And the Wolffish)" as three passionate graduate students from Memorial University share their current research with us in mini lectures! Science Building on the MUN campus, Room SN 2067, Thursday Feb. 18th, 7:30pm. Three adventurous young scientists have plenty of interesting stories to share about birds, bees, and wolffish. Michelle Fitzsimmons will tell us about the secret and underground (literally) lives of Atlantic Puffins on Gull Island in Witless Bay, North America's largest breeding colony. Margie Wilkes will help us explore the life history and diversity of Newfoundland's native bees and their role as pollinators of lowbush blueberry. Lastly, Emilie Novaczek will present her research on the coastal habitat of Atlantic Wolffish, a species at risk in Newfoundland waters. Come hear about these neat and high-profile species and become familiar with some of the latest…

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NatureNL January Public Lecture at The Rooms

New perspectives on the Ediacaran Mistaken Point biota of Newfoundland: Palaeobiology, palaeoecology and geoconservation of a candidate UNESCO World Heritage Site Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm, at The RoomsNo admission fee Did you know that one of the oldest complex fossils in the world was found here on the Bonavista Peninsula in 2008? Memorial University’s Dr. Duncan McIlroy and University of Oxford’s Jack Matthews will tell you about this approximately 560 million year-old amazing find and take you to the Connections Gallery to see the actual ancient specimen. They will also talk about their exciting new insights into how this group of organisms lived, when they evolved and why the went extinct.

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November Seminar: Wildlife of South Africa

Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the Science Building (SN2067) on the Memorial University campus Jeannine Winkel (Biologist and Naturalist) will talk about “Wildlife of South Africa” based on a three week trip to South Africa in February 2015. She started in Cape Town and spent the last two weeks near Krueger National Park. Jeannine will show photos of the local fauna (lots of birds, mammals and others). She will also show a short music video she created from the best footage she got on the trip. Jeannine Winkel was born and raised in Germany.  Following receipt of her M.Sc. (Biology) from Ruhr University Bochum in 2008, she spent a year in Iceland working on horse and sheep farms and another year in Canada (in Kelowna, BC and Rocky Mountain House, Alberta) before moving to Newfoundland for her summer job as an interpreter on Molly Bawn Whale and…


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