#TBT – The Osprey, vol. 01, no. 01 (May 1970)

Stay tuned for more Thursday blog posts featuring throwback articles from The Osprey journal! Ruff sketch by Howard Clase Bird Group News - Rare Birds by: Howard Clase, Founding Editor of The Osprey "Pride of place in this month's report must go to the Reeve which was seen by many people at Long Pond in St. John's in the period 28th April - 1st May. The Ruff (female: Reeve) is one of the spectacular birds of Northern European meadows. It is a medium sized shore bird which in spring puts on a gorgeous multicoloured plumage in the form of a "ruff" and a pair of ear tufts. Each male is different, the colours varying from white through orange, brown and grey to black, and the Ruff may be plain or banded in more than one colour. The males gather together in groups to spend their time displaying their finery to…


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