October Public Lecture

Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the Science Building (SN2067) on the Memorial University campus

Dr. Craig Purchase (Department of Biology, MUN) will share some of his knowledge about capelin during his talk entitled:  “Weird sex: the unusual morphology, behaviour and gametes of capelin”

As many of you know, Craig is a fish biologist with wide-ranging interests and an entertaining ability to communicate about fish. As an evolutionary ecologist, he is interested in how organisms have adapted to their environment, as a result of interactions with individuals of their own and other species, and with abiotic conditions.  He leads research related to reproductive biology, phenotypic plasticity, local adaptation among populations, and conservation of species-at-risk.

Craig’s naturalist underpinnings were forged gardening, angling and hunting as a child in rural Newfoundland.  He is currently an editor for the journal Northeastern Naturalist, a member of the Marine Fishes subcommittee of COSEWIC, a Dobbin Scholar of the Ireland Canada University Foundation, and the 2015 President of the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research.