Winter to Fall 2017, Volume 48, Issue 1

The Osprey is a source of information on various aspects of the province’s natural history such as birds, plants, insects, mammals, general ecology and philosophical nature musings. All members of Nature Newfoundland and Labrador can access The Osprey. Access the latest issues here.



Dear John

By Bill Montevecchi

A letter to our dear friend John from Bill for family and everyone.


R. John Gibson Inspiring Nature Newfoundland and Labrador

By Rita Anderson

A snap shot of John Gibson’s contributions to Nature Newfoundland and Labrador and the Natural History Society.


The Charlie Horwood Memorial Pink Lady Slipper Orchid Walk

By Allan Stein

Trip summary for the annual Lady Slipper Orchid walk.


R. John Gibson and Environmental Assessment

By John D. Jacobs

John Gibson was a tireless environmental critic in matters regarding fish and fish habitat.


A Tribute to My Friend, John Gibson

By Shannie Duff

A tribute to John Gibson and his work with urban waterways.


Snowshoeing in a Winter Wonderland

By Allan Stein and Michael Collins

Trip report for our regular winter snowshoeing outing.


1986 Tuck-Walters Award Citation for John Gibson

By Natural History Society

John Gibson was awarded the Tuck-Walters Award in 1986 for his contributions to conservation and natural history.


Memories of John Gibson

By Various Authors

Short memories and stories about John Gibson from various friends and acquaintances.


Wild Things Scholarship 2017 Report

By Rita E. Anderson

Brendan Kelly is the winner of the 2017 Wild Things Scholarship.


Pike Population in Minipi Lake

By R. John Gibson and Richard L. Haedrich

A fishing trip to Minipi Lake by two “greats” in fish biology.


Bees, Agriculture and the Precautionary Principle

By Julie Sircom

Bee imports threaten our native bees.


Whale Festival Report

By Anne Storey

Event report for the Annual Whale Festival at Cape Spear.


The Disappearance of Millions of Newfoundland Seabirds

By Bill Montevecchi

Storm Petrel populations may be declining due to offshore developments.




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