Fossil Hike along Manuels River
Fossil Hike along Manuels River

Nature NL strives to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of our natural surroundings. We hold monthly outings and public seminars to explore our environment. Monthly presentations on interesting nature topics are usually held 7:30 PM on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Memorial University (or occasionally at The Rooms).  Our members actively engage in conservation efforts through shoreline clean ups and citizen science programs. We also share our knowledge through outdoor education and outreach programs and naturalist workshops.

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Nature NL is a voice for nature in the matters of conservation, natural resource management and resource use. We raise awareness of environmental issues through submissions to the Environmental Assessment process.


Public lecture at The Rooms
Public lecture at The Rooms

We are also one of many local environmental groups and often partner with them on conservation issues and environmental events.


Check out our current and past projects below. Join in the adventure by becoming a member! Thinking of some projects or activities you’d like to see? Let us know! We are always open to ideas.






Current Activities


Nature Nook program at The Rooms


Evening Lectures – e.g. Rare birds, Wildlife of South Africa, Puffin behaviour, Marine Protected Areas


Hikes, Walks, & Interpretation – e.g. Birds at Bidgood Park, Orchid Walks, Capelin Spawning, Snowshoeing, Winter tracking


ID workshops – e.g. Winter gulls, Birding with eBird


Regular shoreline and lake cleanups – e.g. Leary’s Brook, Mundy Pond


Publishing ‘The Osprey‘ and our blog


Outreach events – Whale Festival at Cape Spear, Earth Day at the Fluvarium, etc.


Coordinating with other local groups on conservation issues – e.g. Parks and Protected Areas Forum (report here)




Past Projects – Nature for New Canadians and Growing Health


Participation in indoor or outdoor events is at your own risk, so please find out what you need to know about each event and use your judgement and common sense. This applies to all aspects of events, including rides/transportation that may be arranged by anyone, or may be spontaneously offered by other participants.