Our Plan. Our Future.

Will You Support a Home for Nature?

The next week is key when it comes to protecting nature for current and future generations of Newfoundlanders. 

We, the public, have until Oct. 1, 2020 to weigh in on a protected areas plan that will nearly double nature protection on the Island. As lovers of the Newfoundland outdoors, our voices are needed to ensure that the government knows we support protected areas. 

Nature NL wants to ensure that our habitats, species, and natural resources are conserved, so that we can enjoy them forever. By showing your support, you can help us put nature protection on strong footing with the provincial government, and give WERAC the mandate they need to begin the site-by-site consultations.

Be part of this historic moment. Help us move nature conservation forward.

Click here to view the Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland.

Yes, I want to support nature in Newfoundland.

Participate in the consultation and support nature conservation in our province.

Have your say on the engageNL consultation website, or send a direct letter to WERAC – at [email protected]. Feel free to use this template to help you develop your submission:

To the Secretariat of the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Advisory Council,

I support A Home for Nature: Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland and don’t want this plan to sit on a shelf collecting dust. Protected Areas can have many benefits for conservation, our economy, and nature lovers. A planned system of reserves, protected by legislation, is also the best way to conserve our important species and natural areas. Without community-led designation, legislated protection, and effective management plans we could end up losing some of our most special lands.

I support proceeding with the Protected Areas Plan and beginning site-by-site consultations without delay.

Thank you for releasing this long-awaited plan. We will still need to protect more nature on the Island to meet our commitments to conserve biodiversity, but the first step is moving forward with this plan. It’s a step in the right direction towards conserving Newfoundland’s natural habitats, systems, and resources.

After decades of waiting, we are ready.

Thank you.


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