Molly Morrissey Receives 2021 Leslie Tuck Avian Ecology Award

The recipient of Memorial University's Leslie Tuck Avian Ecology Award, an endowed scholarship started by friends of the Natural History Society (now Nature NL) has their winning essay published by Nature NL. This year's winner, Molly M. Morrissey (MSc Candidate, Dept. Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland) contributed the following essay, which discusses innovative efforts to understand seabird population and survival in Newfoundland and Labrador. by Molly M. Morrissey The world’s oceans have undergone significant, rapid changes since the onset of the industrial revolution. Human activities, directly and indirectly, are nearly universally recognized as a major contributor to these changes. One consequence has been massive food-web shifts, from which Newfoundland has not been spared. Overfishing, poor data collection, and weakly enforced quotas led to the near loss of the Atlantic cod, a fish synonymous with Newfoundland. The Newfoundland cod population collapsed in the early 1990s and is not even at half…


Research Spotlight Series: Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab

By Quinn Webber, Mike Laforge, Eric Vander Wal Posted February 27, 2018 Editor's Note: In our Research Spotlight Series we shine a light on exciting research going on in our province. In this post we showcase the Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab. Caribou on Fogo Island in summer 2017 (Photo by Quinn Webber) The Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab (WEEL) at Memorial University (MUN) studies a range of mammal species in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), as well as across Canada. The majority of our research in NL focuses on the province’s woodland caribou populations. Specifically, we study questions about caribou ecology that bridge fundamental and applied biology with an aim to contribute to our understanding of caribou ecology as well as inform management and conservation practices. Currently, there are two Ph.D. students in WEEL studying caribou: Quinn Webber and Mike Laforge. Quinn studies social behaviour of caribou on Fogo Island with a particular…

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