A Tour of Successful Local Protected Areas

At our August talk we went on a tour of some successful local protected areas to highlight some of big benefits they can bring to the surrounding areas. We toured the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve and Gros Morne National Park where we learned what defines success and what makes these unique areas successful in their own ways. Why do we need protected areas? To reiterate, protected areas are more than protecting nature. There is a common misconception that protected areas do this by banning all human activities and interactions within the area. This is not true. It is about keeping land public forever and preventing large industry threats like forestry and mining from buying the land that could prevent some activities that we all enjoy doing within the areas. They can also help create more provincial parks for people to enjoy in all sorts of capacities. Read more about the…


Will Newfoundland and Labrador declare more protected areas in 2018?

By John Jacobs, CPAWS-NL (Republished from the CPAWS-NL Newsletter, Winter 2018) Butterpot Provincial Park (Photo by John Jacobs). Canada and the territorial and provincial governments are committed under the Convention on Biological Diversity to expand protected areas within their jurisdictions to at least 17% of their total land and inland waters and 10% of marine areas by 2020. Progress toward these targets is being made at the federal level, through creation of new national parks and marine protected areas, and by some provinces. Despite calls from citizens and conservation groups, our provincial government has not released its own long-promised protected areas plan. At our annual general meeting in April, 2017, CPAWS-NL passed the following resolution: Stressing the vital importance of our wildlife and wilderness to the health and well-being of the people of this province, CPAWS-NL reminds Government of our national and international obligations to provide greater amounts of terrestrial…

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