Pike Population in Minipi Lake, Labrador

By R. John Gibson and Richard L. Haedrich Editor's Preface: Dr. John Gibson and Dr. Richard Haedrich were long time supporters of Nature Newfoundland and Labrador (Nature NL) and they made many contributions to science. I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Gibson through Nature NL and Dr. Haedrich through my studies at Memorial University. Within the past two years, these two “greats” in fish biology have passed away. The following is a reprint of their article on pike in Minipi Lake (Gibson and Haedrich 2010). While technical in nature, the article shows the scientific lens through which these men explored the natural world and how much they enjoyed it. Special thanks to Jack and Lorraine Cooper of Cooper's Minipi Lodge for providing additional photos for the article. – Justin So John Gibson holding a pike. Photo courtesy of Jack and Lorraine Cooper, Cooper's Minipi Lodge. This past summer we were…

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