You work your way up a beaten path laden with blueberry bushes and lichen. Your breathing mirrors the ebb and flow of the distant ocean as you faintly hear the tide collide with the coastline. Moss covers the ground in a blanket as you walk through a section of tall birch and spruce. The shadowy canopy breaks to illuminate a rocky outcrop where the ocean extends beyond the horizon and the salty sea air welcomes you home. This is Armchair Hiking. With over 330 documented trails here in Newfoundland and Labrador, there is a pretty good chance you are close to at least one (AllTrails.com, 2020). However, this doesn't always mean that you're comfortable on them.  This September we are celebrating our trails and encouraging intersectional environmentalism by sharing our trail experiences through blog posts, pictures and videos! Nature NL believes that enjoying nature should be an accessible activity for…


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