Lichen Field Trip to Sir Robert Bond Park (2016-08-20)

Saturday, August 20th was a fine day at Sir Robert Bond Park in Whitbourne. Sunshine, a light breeze, and cool morning temperatures made for perfect field conditions. Sixteen enthusiasts joined naturalist Mac Pitcher to view the many old trees and the diverse and abundant lichens growing on them. The trip had been advertised as featuring some 20 species of lichens, some rare, and, although no one kept a count, we were not disappointed. Nature NL group at the Sir Robert Bond Park “Lichen Forest” The star attraction was the Blue Felt Lichen - Degelia plumbea (or Pectenia plumbea , according to the revision proposed by Ekman, et al. 20141). This rare lichen is found elsewhere in Newfoundland growing on Yellow Birch, but in this park it has taken well to Norway Maple (Acer platanoides), one of many European tree species introduced to the site by Sir Robert Bond in the late…

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