Upcoming events at The Rooms

Upcoming Events at The Rooms of interest to Nature NL members!

Family Fun (admission required)

February 2nd


Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down

Come visit a bog in the middle of winter! See our make-believe bog in the new Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down exhibit. Have oodles of fun playing games and making your own carnivorous plants. Try some “bog water” refreshments and join us in the theatre at 2pm for a Rattling-Bog sing-along! Plus, see the inside of a pitcher plant with a microscope and watch films that show carnivorous plants trapping insects close up.

Engaging Evenings (free admission)

February 5th

Carnivorous Plants

The pitcher plant isn’t the only carnivorous plant that grows wild in Newfoundland. There’s also the butterwort, sundew and bladderwort! Join Dr. Henry Mann, Associate Professor in the Environmental Science Unit of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, as he illuminates the world of meat-eating plants right below our feet. Afterwards, visit our kid-friendly exhibit Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down on the museum, level 2.

Coffee and Culture (admission required)

February 6th

Pretty as a Pitcher

To celebrate the opening of our new exhibit Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down, join us for a special presentation of the Land and Sea episode Pretty as a Pitcher. Afterwards, Dr. Henry

Mann will bring us for an in-depth look at the botanical collection on display in the exhibit on level 2.