Christmas Bird Counts – 2015

Christmas bird counts are a yearly tradition where groups of people head out in a certain area to try to find and count as many different species of birds as possible in that spot. They are a great way to learn more about birds, meet other naturalists and birders, and get out for a fun day of birding. Here are the confirmed locations, dates and contact information for compilers of Christmas Bird Counts taking place in Newfoundland and Labrador during the 2015 Christmas season – please contact the organizer directly for the info you’ll need to take part. Happy birding!

Count NameCompilerPhone #EmailCount Date
Bonne BayDarroch Whitaker709-458-7080[email protected]16-Dec-2015
BuchansDiane Burton709-533-1170[email protected] 
Cape RaceJohn Wells (NLCR)709-576-2153[email protected]19-Dec-2015
Cape St. Mary’sAlvan Buckley [email protected]29-Dec-2015
Corner BrookLois E Bateman709-634-7206[email protected]19-Dec-2015
FerrylandBruce Mactavish (NLFL)709-722-0088[email protected]02-Jan-2016
GanderKevin Butler709-256-3542[email protected] 
Happy Valley-Goose BayTony Chubbs709-896-2691[email protected] 
North West RiverElizabeth Dawson709-497-8383[email protected] 
St. JohnsAlvan Buckley [email protected]26-Dec-2015
St. Paul’s-Cow HeadDarroch Whitaker (NLSC)709-458-7080[email protected]19-Dec-2015
StephenvilleJanice Flynn709-721-3557[email protected]28-Dec-2015
Terra Nova N.P. (north)Janet Feltham   
Wabush-Labrador CityGordon Parsons709-944-5521[email protected]19-Dec-2015
Manuels River Bird Count for KidsJared Clarke & Laura King709-693-7180[email protected]9AM, 3-Jan-2016

Table modified from BSC