Nature NL’s group of dedicated volunteers help us run family-friendly indoor and outdoor events year-round. Accessibility is important to us and we care about removing barriers to participation. That’s why we offer mostly public events that are free for everyone to attend. Our programming caters to both new and experienced naturalists and nature-lovers.

Interested to learn about upcoming events? Check out our event listing here.

We would like to thank our members, donors, sponsors, and volunteers who make it possible for us to deliver year-round programming. We are truly thankful for your financial support, in-kind contributions of time, resources, and expertise from our community members.

Event Types

Public Events

Nature NL hosts an array of public events. Some of our core programming includes:

Public Talks

What better way to spend a Thursday evening than learning about locally and globally relevant nature topics? Our public talks feature diverse speakers (e.g. naturalists, scientists, adventurers, lawyers, educators, etc.) focused on everything from backyard biodiversity to rare and endangered species. Our talks run in-person and online every 3rd Thursday* of the month from September – April. Make sure to not miss a talk and stay updated on location here. We have a few special public talks:

September: Public talk

October: Public talk

November: Public talk

December: Christmas break – join us for our annual Christmas hike instead!

February: Public talk featuring Memorial University graduate students

March: AGM & Photo Night

April: Public talk – Labrador Night

*On occasion, we do have to accommodate speaker availability and will host the talk on an alternative day.

Bird Learning Nights

Join Nature NL and our experienced naturalists for our online Bird Learning Nights. We will walk you through a series of bird identification using bird photography (similar to birding in a group outdoors). Learn to use identification clues like looking at the shape of the bird, plumage, beak, behaviours, etc. This is a great chance to improve your skills, while learning in a playful manner.

You don’t need to have any birding experience to be part our Bird Learning Nights, and there are always a variety of levels of birds (some very easy, some nearly impossible to ID). The photos are not perfect, but that’s a very realistic way to learn identification because in the real world, we don’t always get perfect views of birds either. We will play using species that are found in various parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. You can play from anywhere if you are interested in Newfoundland birds. It isn’t competitive but rather a collaboration between the whole group to find the answer.

Photo ID: Snowy owl

Fieldtrips & Workshops:

We host a number of different fieldtrips and workshops including our Gull Workshop, Moth Nights, various different themed fieldtrips.

Our workshops sometimes take place online. Stay tuned for upcoming fieldtrips and workshops here.

Guided Walks & Hikes:

We love experiencing everything Newfoundland and Labrador’s nature has to offer! What better way to do that, than with a guided hike or walk?

We offer a variety of different guided walks and hikes including family guided walks and themed guided walks like our annual lady slipper walk.

Make sure not to miss out on the next one – learn more here.

Members Only Events:

We host different types of events for our members only.

Our members-only events are emailed out to Nature NL members. Join us to get invited!