Nature Newfoundland and Labrador is sponsoring a Newfoundland and Labrador Breeding Bird Atlas Workshop

Where: SN 2067, Science Building, Memorial University of Newfoundland

When: Feb 23, 2012 at 7:30 pm


Breeding Bird Atlases are 5-year projects to document the distribution, abundance and status of breeding birds within a defined geographic area.  Projects are volunteer-based, scientifically rigorous, and respected by policy makers worldwide.  Understanding changes in bird populations, such as abundance and distribution, is essential to direct effective conservation.  Breeding Bird Atlases produce the information needed to make conservation, management and policy decisions related to breeding migratory bird populations at multiple spatial scales.


Across Canada, Breeding Bird Atlases are being carried out in British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba, and second generation atlases have been completed for Ontario (2001) and the Maritimes (2010).  Each atlas is a partner project, undertaken by Bird Studies Canada, Environment Canada, provincial wildlife agencies, naturalist groups, NGOs and members of the private sector.  Absolutely integral to each Atlas’ success are the hundreds of volunteer birdwatchers who contribute their time, skills and expertise to gathering the data.


There may be an opportunity in the near future to conduct a Newfoundland Breeding Bird Atlas.  This would be the largest wildlife monitoring program ever undertaken in the province and the results would provide key breeding bird information that will be used to direct conservation for the next twenty years.   Becky Stewart, Atlantic Program Manager from Bird Studies Canada, and previously the Coordinator of the Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas, will introduce the atlassing concept and discuss both the  challenges and opportunities in implementing a Newfoundland Atlas.