Uncovering mysteries of the smallest ocean wanderers

November public meeting of Nature Newfoundland and Labrador
Dr. April Hedd (Research Associate, Department of Psychology Memorial University) will give a talk entitled “Uncovering mysteries of the smallest ocean wanderers: Movements and survival of Leach’s storm-petrels from Newfoundland” on November 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm in SN2067 in the Science Building on the campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland.
All are welcome – parking available in Lot 9 (center of the Science Building)
The Leach’s Storm petrel, a small, nocturnal seabird of the tubenose family is currently experiencing troubling population declines at some of the species largest colonies in Newfoundland. Dr. April Hedd has been studying this elusive seabird for over a decade and will overview what she has learned about their foraging behaviour, breeding productivity and survival. She will also present preliminary findings from the past year when both migration and foraging movements of birds from breeding colonies were tracked for the first time.
Dr. Hedd has a passion for the tubenoses and like these ocean wanderers she too has travelled extensively throughout the world’s oceans, from Tasmania to the Falkland Islands and east coasts of Canada to study their behavior and ecology.