Outing in the Avalon Forest – Led by Bill Clarke

Saturday September 24, 2011

Departure and return times from St. John’s are 9h00 and 16h00.


Meeting location

The group will meet at the Salmonier Forestry Depot on the corner of the Salmonier Line and the Deer Park Road. We will have access to the Depot building just prior to 10:00 and, also, for lunch later in the day. A washroom and complete kitchen facilities are available there.

To get to the Salmonier Depot, turn off the Trans Canada Highway at Exit 35 toward St. Mary’s on Route 90, (Salmonier Line) and proceed South for about 14 kilometers until you see a sign Deer Park Road on the right side. The Salmonier Forestry Depot is a small white building immediately South of the intersection of the Deer Park Road and Salmonier Line. For any further information, call Bill Clarke ay 682-4756 at any time.


Outing details

This is a series of stops with walking of 5 to 15 minutes and the opportunity for discussion at each point. Depending on weather before and during the outing, it may be possible to visit all stops comfortably in sneakers: however, sturdier field footwear is recommended.

Raingear and lunches should be brought.

Car pooling is encouraged from St. John’s or other departure points to the Salmonier Depot. From the Salmonier depot, we will minimize the number of vehicles to travel in company. Any excess vehicles can be left at the Depot. All driving thereafter will be in a 15 kilometer radius of the Depot location.


Features of Interest

The outing will view the typical forest patterns on ribbed moraines characteristic of the Avalon Forest. We will also visit the site of the former Dominion Forest Tree Nursery established under the Commission of Government, areas of Crown land cut in the 1950’s with continuing forest management, a private woodlot and other points of interest as time permits. Natural and anthropogenic disturbance will be seen as well as effects of introduced species on forest succession.