Get Involved

Join us in protecting our wildlife and natural areas and helping the public enjoy them too. Become a member of Nature NL and find opportunities below for getting involved with us or in citizen science projects in the province.


Are you full of initiative and have great ideas? Or are you a good naturalist? Join us as a volunteer. We offer a variety of different programming and are always happy to welcome new ideas. Connect with us to chat about how your skills fit with Nature NL.

We currently do not provide office space for volunteers to work in. However, the following ideas are projects we’re working on (or would like to be), and you can help out either in the community or in the comfort of your own home.

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1) Fundraising: Are you great at reaching out to local businesses and partners? Help us out! We could run fundraising events, accept donations for our programs, or other things you might think of.

2) Help us make some more simple 1-page field guides. Our ‘Winter Gulls of Quidi Vidi Lake’ has been popular and helped people learn about gulls for the first time. We’re interested in developing more (for example, seabirds, ducks, warblers, whales, insects, trees, plants, etc.). You’d need to be somewhat familiar with the group of species you’re making the guide for, and have some skills in graphic design. This is a great way to become a better naturalist by studying one group of species (but we can have it reviewed by an expert later, don’t worry).

3) Run, host, or organize a workshop or hike. Do you enjoy warblers? Wildflowers? Lichens? Trees? Whales? etc. If you are capable of identifying and explaining the topic of the session, please come speak with a board member at one of our events or get in touch. You can propose a time and date, theme, and location, and if it fits within the type of events we usually host we’d be happy to help it run.

4) Write for us. A great way to share your science or outdoor stories. Articles are shared on our Nature NL blog and social media. Help build your writing skills and connect with a community of nature enthusiasts.

5) Bring us your idea. Have a project you’d like to see us get involved in, a grant you’d like to help write, a program you’d like to start, or any other idea you’d enjoy working on? Speak to one of our board members or email us – we love initiative and new ideas.

Citizen Science & naturalist projects

We try to keep a list of projects through various organizations that can be conducted in Newfoundland and Labrador.  If you’d like to list your citizen science project here, contact us.

All species

iNaturalist – a site/app to record all your wildlife (bird/mammal/insect/plant/fungi, etc) sightings, anywhere in the world. Anything recorded for the apps/programs below can be added to iNaturalist (but you need a photo).


eBird – a site and app to record all your bird sightings, anywhere in the world. The largest citizen science project in the world.

Project Feederwatch, Great Backyard Bird Count, Christmas Bird Counts, Kids Christmas Bird Counts, Breeding Bird Atlas, and many more (Birds Canada) – identify and count birds near you

Red Crossbill sightings – (Provincial government of NL) – watch for this colourful bird & email provincial biologists

Marine species

Marine mammals with Dr. Jack Lawson at DFO – send sightings to [email protected] or @drjwlawson

ecapelin (WWF Canada) – submit your observations & photos of capelin rolling on shores near you

The Great Eggcase Hunt – submit photos and locations of skate and shark egg cases (mermaid’s purses) that you find along beaches


Newfoundland and Labrador Mosquito Project – collect mosquitoes in a tube for a research study about climate change, human viruses, distribution, etc. Contact [email protected] or via the link above

Great Canadian Bumblebee Count (Friends of the Earth) – identify bees to species using a guide then submit data


Bat sightings – (Provincial government of NL / CCWHC) – watch for bats flying in the winter or early spring, or suspected hibernation sites

Arctic Hare sightings – (Provincial government of NL) – watch for this rare mammal & email provincial biologists